Dynamic B2B Strategies to Accelerate Growth

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Debbi Fields with Jim Rembach

B2B Growth Advisor Jim Rembach

I deliver dynamic B2B growth strategies that defy conventional practices. Conventional or common wisdom is not how we describe extraordinary. You will never discover your unique in a Google search.

I am the President of PeerRoundtables.com and Call Center Coach, host of the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast Podcast, the Fast Leader Show Podcast, and CEO of Influence to Action, Inc.

Dynamic B2B strategies are crucial. Without them, your efforts to generate growth will drown in the sea of sameness.

Now, having someone deeply immersed in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, buyer psychology, and modern digital business development methods is do or die.

If not me, get somebody!

I work with B2B companies with annual revenues of $3,000,000+ who want Strategic Execution, not Strategic Planning.

Dynamic Strategy Planning

The way you have been taught how to strategic plan is wrong. We implement Retrospective Engineering that breaks status quo strategic planning. Do not waste money on experts using the old (conventional) way. Let me ask, do you want Strategic Planning or Strategic Execution?

B2B Dynamic Marketing

Avoid the hampster wheel and monkey-see-monkey-do marketing of today. Most marketing ideas and practices are too late to market and will not deliver meaningful results. If you can easily find out about it, avoid it. Innovation is not mainstream.

B2B Dynamic Selling

More than 65% of B2B high-ticket sales are now being lost to no decision. Old sales methods and mindsets are the reason. You need a new playbook. We can help you change how you engage, evaluate, nurture, and qualify prospects. And retain your sales longer after the sale.

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