About Jim Rembach

Jim is a left-handed, third son, from a family of four boys. He grew up in a blue-collar family in the Northwest Indiana suburbs of Chicago.

Jim’s older brothers were six and seven years older, and his younger brother was six years younger.

When describing Jim as a middle child, he was an isolated middle child.

He always felt disconnected and misunderstood. Was it the left-handed thing?

It wasn’t until his early 40’s that he realized his feelings of being misunderstood were because he did think differently. That was a good thing in a world where differentiation is required to experience breakout performance.

Jim founded his own business in 2001 and relaunched it as Influence to Action, Inc. in 2017 after spending more than seventeen years working with B2B organizations to grow their marketing, sales, and customer service operations to fuel growth.

In addition, he has held several board positions with for-profit and non-profit organizations from Duke University, UMC, and BRC.

Jim’s deep passion for learning is evident and elevated by his deep desire to serve others to think differently to transform and execute growth.

He’s worked with brands such as Nokia, Electrolux, AutoZone, John Deere, Monsanto, Ring, CapitalOne, Deluxe, Bank of America, and hundreds of small businesses, startups, and non-profits.       

About Jim Rembach

As a faithful champion of doing things differently, he became a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner with MHS, an accreditation earned by less than .01% of the world’s growth experts.  

In 2019, Jim was recognized as being among the top 1% of the world’s podcasters by PlayerFM for the Fast Leader Show, causing him to launch the B2B Digital Marketer podcast in 2020.

For several brands under the Influence to Action, Inc. family of businesses, Jim mentors and coaches executives and owners of small and medium-sized companies to dramatically increase their sales and revenues from their digital activities. He is also a certified baseball pitching coach.

This grit and integrity have fueled his passion for developing dynamic strategies and leadership to help organizations win against the odds and deliver exceptional performance. As a passionate lover of the underdog, he passionately commits his energy to those with the willingness to strive for success.

Analytical Creative Thinker

Jim has supported and guided numerous organizations in several B2B marketing and selling channels: YouTube, LinkedIn, X, Google, and Podcasting.

His articles, videos, social media posts, and podcast episodes reach a weekly audience of 85,000+ people across 100 countries. In total, his content has a global reach of more than 8 million people.

His works provide innovative insights to solve problems for entrepreneurs, startups, sales executives, marketing executives, demand gen, revenue gen executives who want to get more sales and revenue from their digital marketing ROI.

Jim is passionate about driving sales results with a data-driven, emotional intelligence, and a search engine approach. He makes great effort to take the complex and convey it in a a clear, and concise manner. He loves to test and build systems and processes that can be scaled and repeated across different domains and that can build a bridge between your marketing and sales activities.

To stay informed on the latest discoveries, connect with Jim on LinkedIn. Jim works with only a few key clients. To see if you are a right fit, schedule a consult on your B2B growth needs.

Here’s a brief overview: B2B Growth Expert with 20+ years working across B2B, and start-ups. Certified in Emotional Intelligence and skilled in strategic planning, B2B Communities, account-based marketing, new selling methods, multi-channel demand generation & retention, content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, campaign development, public relations, lead nurturing, marketing automation, email marketing, digital advertising, interactive content, marketing analytics & reporting.

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