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B2B Digital Marketing Coaching with Jim Rembach

Looking for a B2B Digital Marketing Coaching or an agency to help create dynamic strategies and successful B2B content marketing and interactive content on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google that enable you to attract high-quality leads for your business?

As a 25-year veteran of B2B digital marketing and a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, Certified Persuasion Architect, Empathy Mapping expert, Customer Experience Expert, CX Analytics Expert, and part of the team that developed the LinkedIn Velocity Machine, I will help you to overcome the new digital revenue generation dilemma faced by so many organizations today. Request a meeting.

“I’ve never met anyone with more experience in B2B Digital Marketing than Jim Rembach. He’s a go-to guy when it comes to creating targeted and engaging content and campaigns that engage and attract.” -Lauren Evers

B2B Digital Marketing Coaching Questions

As a B2B Digital Marketing Coach, I am often asked a variety of questions that often revolve around a common set of themes. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • How do I get my content to stand out?
  • How do I improve my lead generation?
  • How do I improve content engagement?
  • Why is my campaign not converting?
  • What should I be asking or saying in my copy?
  • What do these marketing analytics mean?
  • What technology will help improve my digital marketing performance?
  • How can we reduce digital advertising expenses?
  • How can we improve our marketing campaigns?

If you’re frustrated at these situations and need digital marketing help, you are not alone!

As a marketing and sales leader, I directly experienced many of those issues. I learned, failed, and eventually learned in those roles not to follow the advice that was easy to find. I began to uncover the underground sources that knew how things worked and to avoid the wrong advice. Ultimately, I gained the reputation of being a go-to person for dynamic strategies and creative problem-solving.

By following what’s popular in B2B digital marketing, you end up competing with the majority of digital marketers and you never differentiate your brand. Without dynamic strategies, your lead generation suffers.

Today’s Biggest Digital Marketing Challenge in B2B

Every solution and service provider has been forced to rapidly advance their digital marketing capabilities. With prospects suffering from Zoom fatigue and an overwhelming workload, is it really surprising that all of these virtual events and webinars are falling short of sponsor expectations?

Competing in the same ways for attention and leads as everyone else is a digital marketing red ocean. You want a blue ocean where the competition is scarce and the opportunities are plenty. But how can you find your digital marketing blue ocean without a coach?

The inspirational message is that your digital marketing can deliver exceptional and more cost-effective results that will enable you to disrupt your competition and enable you to thrive.

B2B Digital Marketing Coaching Will Focus Your Marketing, Product Marketing, and Demand Generation Teams on Dynamic Strategies

  • Understanding B2B Digital Marketing Opportunities
  • What Metrics are Most Meaningful or Missing
  • Content that Converts and Engages
  • Emotional Intelligence Marketing Design
  • Identifying and Eliminating Marketing Pain Points
  • Creating Lead Generation Differentiation
  • How to Improve Brand Engagement
  • Identifying and Eliminating Blind-spots
  • How to Improve Empathy Skills
  • How To Address Various Convincer Strategies

B2B Digital Marketing Coaching for these areas and others. You will receive numerous simple, practical, and affordable ideas for delivering a remarkable experience for your customers.