B2B Digital Marketing Agency

B2B Digital Marketing Expert

In today’s post-COVID environment, you need credible influencers to build brand awareness and deliver lead generation results. As a B2B digital marketing agency, I can augment your current digital marketing program or can work with you to develop a custom dynamic strategy.

I have helped solution providers build brand awareness, and their sales qualified leads using digital marketing for almost twenty years. I have a massive network of trusted and experienced professionals for any digital business development and marketing need. I do not have all the answers, but i do know where to find them. I will help you to go beyond the typical spray-and-pray content approaches. Request a meeting to learn more.


Micro-webinar series (journey based)

Interactive videos (higher converting)

SEO, site speed, marketing automation and sales funnels

Quiz funnels (education inbound demand gen)

Articles, Reports, and Special Features

About Jim Rembach

Clients work with me for specialized digital marketing and sales needs, so every project is rich with an opportunity to create modern dynamic strategies. My professional experience leading sales and marketing in the contact center industry (after my years in operations) gives me an intimate understanding and one of a kind viewpoint on connecting with customers and the customer experience.

I excel at bridging the gap between digital marketing and sales and can help your team target the right leads and convert them faster. My systems and frameworks have been refined over seventeen years of research and used by several organizations to improve their digital marketing strategy and execution. I am skilled at creating dynamic strategies on:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Websites and Copywriting
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Funnels and Automation
  • Thought-leader Development